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How to prepare Class 4 Roof Certificate

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About Class 4 Roof Certificate

A Class 4 roof certificate is a certification for roofs that have passed rigorous tests for impact resistance. It is given to roofs that can withstand hailstones weighing up to 2 inches in diameter and high-speed winds of up to 110 mph. This certification is usually required by insurance companies for properties located in areas prone to severe weather conditions. Property owners who live in areas that are prone to natural disasters like hailstorms and high winds, and who are seeking lower insurance premiums, may need a Class 4 roof certificate. It is also helpful for homeowners who are looking to sell their properties because it can increase the resale value of the home.

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Modifying Class 4 Roof Certificate is an simple and user-friendly process that calls for no prior training. Get all you need in a single editor without constantly switching in between different platforms. Get more forms, complete and preserve them in the format of your choice, and simplify your document management within a click. Just before submitting or delivering your form, double-check details you provided and easily correct errors if required. In case you have any questions, contact our Customer Support Team to help you.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Class 4 Roof Certificate

Instructions and Help about Class 4 Roof Certificate

This is Tracy Book man owner of Homestead Roofing and welcome to today's Wednesday walk in the park where we take three minutes to answer your questions about roof repairs, roof replacements, and the insurance claim process. Today we're going to answer the question: what is a roof certification? This question is really going to be significant mostly to realtors or people buying or selling a home, so I guess in essence just about everybody throughout the course of your life at some point. But for the most part a lot of times when somebody is looking to buy a home or sell a home, or you've got a realtor who's listing a home or helping someone buy a home they might ask a roofing contractor to give them what's known as a roof certification. Well so what is a roof certification? Well we might be tempted to think that's a roofer going out and certifying that the roof has no problems and that it's not going to leak and that kind of stuff and some roofers may present a certification like that we actually don't do that and so fair warning we're going to get into the realm of opinion here, so I'm going to state right up front full disclosure what I'm about to say is fully my opinion and other roofing contractors good roofers may have completely different opinions about this but in my opinion a roof certification really is nothing more than a roofer going out and looking at a roof most of the time it's only from the top and then giving his opinion that there's nothing visibly wrong with the roof or nothing visibly wrong with the installation of the roof so meaning that it looks like the installation was done correctly by the...